Window Cleaning

  • We offer various types of window cleaning services.
  • RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL (includes Ladder & Lift), and ROUTE (includes restaurants, store fronts, businesses, etc.)
  • Our technicians scrub the glass with soap & water, squeegee dry, and wipe the bottom sills. (No harsh chemicals used, only soap & water)

  • When entering the home, our crew members  will put covers on their shoes  &  are careful not to spill water on the floor, carpet, etc.  

  • Crew Members are always careful when using ladders to not scuff or create marks inside or outside your home.

Monday - Friday : 7 a.m - 5 p.m
Missouri Phone: 314-965-2221
Illinois Phone: 618-233-8805
Fax: 314-966-5414
332 S. Fillmore Ave Kirkwood, Missouri (MO) 63122